Elevating the Nutrition Bar Category

We aren’t trying to compete with other bar companies but rather create an entire new way we look at the nutrition bar category and what it can offer.

Most bars on the market are one dimensional — they are a convenient way to fill up your stomach and can last on the shelf for years. Sprouted Minds differs in that we are combining the worlds most nutrient-dense superfoods in a delicious chilled package. We only source from farms using ethical and responsible farming practices who produce the highest quality organic ingredients which include adaptogenic herbs, superfood powders, sprouted Ancient seed-grains as wells as using a vegan strain of probiotic.

if you have been searching for a delishious on-the-go snack that delivers vital nutrients so your body can thrive you’ve reach your destination. Our bars are something that you can feel and there is no denying their amazing health affects. See so for yourself and thank us later!.