Elevating the Nutrition Bar Category

We aren’t trying to compete with other bar companies but rather create an entire new way we look at the nutrition bar category and what it can offer.

Most bars on the market are one dimensional — they are a convenient way to fill up your stomach and can last on the shelf for years. Sprouted Minds differs in that we are combining the worlds most nutrient dense superfoods in a delicious chilled package. We only source from farms using ethical and responsible farming practices who produce 100% raw organic ingredients which include adaptogenic herbs, superfood powders, sprouted Ancient seed-grains as wells as using a vegan strain of probiotics. Sprouted Minds is a layered brand name in that we not only want to create a community around raw foods, we want to create a community of curious people who ask questions — What are the ingredients in what I’m eating and where did they come from? What things that are happening in the world? Why do we treat each other the way we do? #SproutYourMind #ThinkDifferent

Sprouted Minds’ unique value proposition is that we are the only nutrition bar company to utilize a cold-brew herbal tea-infusion in our bars which is why they require refrigeration. Our Holy Basil tea is revered throughout Ayurvedic medicine for its powerful adaptogenic properties. This brewing process keeps the nutritional properties of the tea leaves preserved due to the delicate cold-brew process. The dried fruits that we use are rehydrated from the tea giving our bars a super tasty and good-for-you experience.

Sprouted Minds superfoods bar